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Music to listen to before you emigrate to a desert island

For any singer or instrumentalist listening to music is an essential aid to performance interpretation and style. Music also enriches our lives, particularly in difficult times.

“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”
Leonard Bernstein

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Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied - Bach

Another version of Singet by Bachchor Stockholm and Concentus musicus Wien using the usual treble and bass clefs.

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Added by SteveB (Admin) on 02/03/2021 (ID: 187)


Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied - Bach

Mottetto. BWV 225. Pure joy and I urge you to put the headphones on and escape for 12 minutes. Note the use of soprano, alto and tenor clefs for pitching middle C on the stave, so useful for the clarity and relative simplicity in the score and pitching many vocal parts across a wide range. Sadly we don't use these clefs much in vocal music today.

Added by SteveB (Admin) on 27/02/2021 (ID: 186)


Jerusalem - Parry

Words by William Blake. Music by C.H.H.Parry. Orchestrated by Edward Elgar.

Added by SteveB (Admin) on 06/02/2021 (ID: 161)


The Lord bless you and keep you - John Rutter

The Cambridge Singers and London Sinfonia

Added by SteveB (Admin) on 28/01/2021 (ID: 159)


Mass in B minor - J.S. Bach

How such music is created by a human being is beyond me. Note the volume levels when listening to Bach - turn it down a notch or two! Try and listen to ALL the vocal parts (SATB).

Choir of the English Concert The English Concert, Harry Bicket conductor, Proms 2012.

Added by SteveB (Admin) on 08/01/2021 (ID: 155)


Overture to Tannhauser - Wagner

Organ arrangement performed and arranged by the brilliant Nathan Laube. I can't even begin to explain how complex this is to perform. Brilliant!

Added by SteveB (Admin) on 07/01/2021 (ID: 154)


O magnum mysterium - Victoria

The Cambridge Singers

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 21/12/2020 (ID: 153)


Coronation Ode Movement 6 - Elgar

from BBC Proms. Gardiner and BBC Symphony Orchestra

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Added by Steve B (Admin) on 16/12/2020 (ID: 150)


From the Bavarian Highlands Op. 27 - Edward Elgar

This is another neglected work by Elgar which also comes into the 'great' category. Hard to believe that Elgar was a self-taught composer.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 112)


My love dwelt in a northern land - Edward Elgar

This certainly comes into the neglected category

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 111)