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Music to listen to before you emigrate to a desert island

For any singer or instrumentalist listening to music is an essential aid to performance interpretation and style. Music also enriches our lives, particularly in difficult times.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

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Symphony 1 - Walton

LPO conducted by Bryden Thomson (a symphony not heard often enough and directed here by a conductor who was much under appreciated). This is, simply, the best interpretation of a 20thC masterpiece.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 92)


Symphony 2 in F - The Cambridge - Parry

Composer, teacher, historian. A great, neglected symphony.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 95)


Major Barbara 1941 - Walton

Suite arranged from the film. Amazing orchestration. Wonderful Walton.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 91)


Symphony no. 8 - Mahler

A recording from 1959. I think this is the best recording ever of this 'out of this world' epic, with great attention to detail and tempo and all the finer points of Mahler's scoring come through clearly.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 90)

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