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Music to listen to before you emigrate to a desert island

For any singer or instrumentalist listening to music is an essential aid to performance interpretation and style. Music also enriches our lives, particularly in difficult times.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

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O Thou that tellest good tidings - Handel

Kathleen Ferrier/Boult - of it's time. A great 'true' contralto.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 98)


The trumpet shall sound - Handel

The wonderful Philippe Sly - Bass-Baritone. Great tone, timbre and diction.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 99)


Tom and Jerry Live

Sheer brilliance. Great timing and a lot of hard work went into this.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 101)


Blest Pair of Sirens - Parry

Whilst we think of Parry for 'Jerusalem' he wrote many fine compositions in a true 'English' style. This is one of them.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 94)


Enigma Variations - Elgar

Rozhdestvensky conducts. The best. Tempos, balance, detail. Be sure to listen to the finale (starting around 27.40) - note the 'connection' between players and conductor. Amazingly he was a last minute replacement for this proms concert.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 93)


Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - Rachmaninoff

Outstanding performance by the amazing Alexander Malofeev. What a talent!

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 97)


Roman Festivals - Respighi

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. Probably Respighi's finest work - very individual and played with great style and gusto!

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 96)


Symphony 1 - Walton

LPO conducted by Bryden Thomson (a symphony not heard often enough and directed here by a conductor who was much under appreciated). This is, simply, the best interpretation of a 20thC masterpiece.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 92)


Symphony 2 in F - The Cambridge - Parry

Composer, teacher, historian. A great, neglected symphony.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 95)


Major Barbara 1941 - Walton

Suite arranged from the film. Amazing orchestration. Wonderful Walton.

Added by Steve B (Admin) on 13/10/2020 (ID: 91)